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Family Farm School Programs

After hearing feedback from our families, we are excited to offer a new program that allows students of all ages to attend a Farm school program with their parents. We have had so many moms and dads reach out expressing that they also want to attend Farm School.

NWA Farm School is on Tuesdays from 9:00am - 12:00pm
Check-in: 8:50am - 9:00am
Check-out: 12:00pm - 12:10pm

Program We currently have two sessions scheduled: a Winter and Spring Session. Each session is 4 wseeks long on Tuesdays and both provide a different learning experience. 

WINTER 2024 NWA Farm School Session Dates:
Tuesday, February 20th
Tuesday, February 27th
Tuesday, March 5th
Tuesday, March 12th

SPRING 2024 NWA Farm School 
Session Dates:
Tuesday, April 9th
Tuesday, April 16th
Tuesday, April 23rd
Tuesday, April 30th

Our Family Farm School allows a parent or guardian to join in on the fun. Join us for a on the farm Adventure!

WINTER 2024:
Our winter session will be focused on exploring the animals on the farm for a hands-on farm experience. Each week we learn about new farm animals; how to care for them, what they need, their anatomy and why they are important, all while interacting with the animals and of course, cuddles! Some of the animals we will explore this session are Alpacas, Pigs, Goats, Miniature Horses, and more!

SPRING 2024:
Info Coming Soon 

Spring is baby season on the farm. So be prepared to indulge in lots of baby cuddles! 

Family Farm School Information:

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